Stainless steel capillary tubes for machining

The machining tubes have become an excellent industrial solution to generate by-products of high precision in an efficient and cost effective way for companies

Stainless steel capillary tubes for machining

Machining of pieces for their application in machines or in finished products is one of the most extended techniques in industrial engineering.

Over the years, machining has been improving and nowadays there are endless techniques to perform industrial machining that allow modifying almost all kind of pieces, from systems with or without stock removal to abrasion machining.

In fact, the industry performs currently a few transformation processes through  strictly manual tools:  industrial machining is the engine that drives business productivity.

Mechanisation as an industrial process.

Mechanisation, specifically defined, consists of machinery supply to improve and simplify the physical need of work handling process. Accordingly to this, it could be also understood that mechanisation is the use of machines to replace worker manual labour.

The introduction in contemporary mechanisation tools, such as lathes, mills or hydraulic presses, among others, it meant first a drastic time-reduction of completion of industrial processes and after that it improved accuracy in serial production. The improvement of time/product ratio and the increasing accuracy in mass production, both are key elements in improving productivity.

In addition, the application of information technology to industrial automation has driven the evolution towards numerical control systems, which means that currently, machining centres can count on lathes with multifunctionality in several axes. This enables to get a complex product entirely finished, from a coupler. Machining centres with numerical control allows greater flexibility and provide more accurate microns with high productivity.

Industrial machining tubes

In this context, the machining tubes have become an excellent industrial solution to generate by-products of high precision in an efficient and cost effective way for companies. Thus, the machining tubes are being used in many products and processes:

– Instruments used for fuel injection.

– As part of gear shafts.

– As complex motor parts.

– In conveyors

– In hydraulic or pneumatic systems – In feeding or refrigerating systems, for example:

– In the generation of machining washers.

– In drive shafts or in extensions systems.

They are also used in an endless industrial machinery manufacturing process of wide range.

Within less industrial environments and more consumer ones, machining tubes are applied for leisure and entertainment instruments like aircraft models and modelling in general, in order to provide greater durability, strength and performance of the finished product in drive shafts of slot cars or in different types of sport fishing tooling.