Stainless steel tube for Micro welder

A key element of a micro welder or welders of large size are the steel tubes

Stainless steel tube for Micro welder
The application of electric welders in the world of industry is very diverse and this implies the need for different types of these kind of machines. A key element of a micro welder or welders of large size are the steel tubes. The main feature of this type of tube is its capacity to withstand high operating temperatures without necessarily suffer any deterioration, thereby increasing the lifetime of the machinery that incorporates.

The professional services offered include precision cutting thanks to the technology of the machinery used in the preparation processes of the tubes. This allows offering cuts with tolerances of + – 0.2 mm, achieving a perfect fit to meet the most demanding needs. This cutting system also ensures a complete cleaning of edges, with total safety of not containing burrs that hinder the use of the tube. To achieve these  maximum aims of quality of the products offered it is included a jacketed service, which is subsequently applied a wiredrawing process of the tube with copper, achieving results that ensure durability. It is this process which maintains the temperature of the tin in the welder, preventing solidification before leaving the tube.

To meet all needs, they are offered tubes with diameter ranging from 0.4 mm to 9 mm. The practical application of a desoldering is as widespread as welders. Its use is essential to precision industry, being the tin desoldering the most used. The tubes provided, thanks to its quality and its required accurate cutting, have been expanding their use in other industries where previously these materials were not commonly used. Some of these industries are the machining of parts for use in equipment or finished products. Also in the field of jewelery and watchmaking it is being promoted the inclusion of such materials, without impacting accuracy.

Other uses of calibrated stainless steel tubes that currently are receiving a significant increase are focused on the manufacturing industry of model airplanes parts, which require accurate cutting tubes to ensure a longer life of components. In short it is a service that requires the application of technology and machinery that provides perfect and clean cutting, while adjusted to the requested size. The use of these components in small sizes makes this even more necessary accuracy, so it is critical to have to do with professionals in the sector to ensure a final quality product that meets the needs required by the changing world of industry.