Stainless steel precision tubes for model making

The lovers of model making, the people who work in that area, will find a wide range of stainless steel tubes in our facilities, with a diameter between 0.4 and 9mm

Stainless steel precision tubes for model making

Model making

Many are the professions where the material used can´t be the one which means the inferior cost. In the world of model making the different tools used, are to be of the best possible quality, and the job to find them is absolute priority to the person in charge to find them. The result of a model has to be perfect, brilliant, precise, and clean. Not all the materials used obtain a definitive finish. To trust the best professionals of the sector will enable to have access to a wide range of products based on years of experience, which have a very positive influence in the construction of a model.

The lovers of model making, the people who work in that area, will find a wide range of stainless steel tubes in our facilities, with a diameter between 0.4 and 9mm. With several wall thickness, offering a precision in cutting with very tight tolerances, ranged around +-0.2.

Furthermore, if these measures do not adjust to the demand of the supplier, a measure which will adjust to the request, can be delivered to precise dimensions after confirmation with a purchase order.It is possible thanks to the  quality of the material used for the manufacture of the tubes, independently if the qualities are AISI-316 and Y304, or any other types.

But if what is really needed are tubes made with another material, these can also be supplied by our professionals, because all needed dimensions can be achieved. Also any necessary material can be supplied, such as copper, brass, or aluminum.

These tubes, the best of the sector, have many advantages which are to be considered very seriously when planning a model, because the durability is a characteristic which needs to be confirmed certainly, in order to avoid problems in the future.This is why not any material is valid for the model making, since it has to last very long unaffected by the time.

Also, our tubes are part of an immense quantity of structures for the production of models, because we guarantee our perfectly adapted parts to the models of our customers. The success of our professional workers who work with us, and also of our customers, is our own success, because there is no bigger satisfaction of having done a good job and having helped somebody to do, in some of the cases, work of art.

So because of all this, we are inviting you to visit our factory or to contact us through the different media, so we can have the opportunity to show you personally what we offer and have just described. This way you will be able to confirm from the perspective of a professional person, and us as experts in model making.

At the same time, you can ask for budget prices for the prototypes which you already have, or ask for any kind of the material we have, without commitment.