stainless steel small tubes for slot

Slot cars are more complex and details such as the axles can make the difference between a winner and a reliable car or one that is just competitive.

Stainless steel small tubes for slot
Stainless steel small tubes for slot

They will not be as well known as the Formula 1, but racing slots are just as vibrant and competitive, although on a reduced scale. The axles are named after the grooves of the tracks where the cars get the electricity that makes them move, and one of the keys to win are the axes of the slot.

Slot cars are more complex and details such as the axles can make the difference between a winner and a reliable car or one that is just competitive.

Undoubtedly, the best possible slot axles are stainless steel axles, which can be purchased to customize the car.

From a tube of 2.5 x 0.5 mm in grade AISI-304 HARD , this tube with minium tolerances of 0.005 millimeters is rectified, making it the perfect axle for competition.
Once they are finished, the tubes are sold as 2.38 x 1.5 mm tubing, in lengths of 50, 52.5, 55 or 60 millimeters so the pilot has the ideal tube that fits with his car. From there, he has just to assemble it and it will start running.
Stainless axles have many advantages. Undoubtedly, the most important is that makes it lighter, so the car will weigh less than rival cars, which will result in increased speed, better acceleration and braking capacity. More points in favour for these stainless steel axles: the properties of conventional slot axles are kept, they are of high quality and having tubes of up to four different lengths, the axles perfectly fit into the matrix of the wheel, without risk of losing a wheel or mid-career break.

The axis is a fundamental part on slots, as it is the support of the driving elements. For the car running smoothly, it is essential that the axle is straight and strong, as well as light. Materials such as stainless steel provide those both conditions. Instead, the hollow axles are much weaker, so they can only be used in very light cars or in front parts. The axis is attached to the bearing that should be well lubricated. The friction should be as short as possible and those made of teflon are most suitable.
Although the axis is vital, we must also pay attention to other elements of the slot:

body, chassis, engine or guide, which ultimately is what unites the slot on track. Finally, it highlights the command, which may be analog or electronic.